Articles in Social/Emotional Development

Parent Handout on Imitation

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Great handout describing how children imitate others in order to learn.... Read full article

Bubble Talk: Why caring responses make a difference

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Babies communicate in many ways. The way we respond to their first attempts at communication make a difference.... Read full article

Born to Feel

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Explanation of emotional development in young children.... Read full article

Parenting Counts

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Parenting Counts by the Talaris Institute offers over 250 articles and videos on physical, emotional, and intellectual growth in early childhood. The videos are brief and interesting. You will love this site.... Read full article

Reading to babies

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It is never too early to begin reading to your baby.... Read full article

Recognizing baby cues

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Recognizing baby cues in the first 6 months.... Read full article

10 Things Every Parent Should Know About Play

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This article describes important aspects of play and the contribution of play to a child's development. ... Read full article

Helping your child manage stress in the aftermath of a shooting

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Children today are often effected by gun violence by watching the news or by experiencing it in person. This article provides ways to manage the stress that comes from such a traumatic experience. ... Read full article

I want my mommy

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This video and article discuss stranger anxiety in children.... Read full article

How babies communicate

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Learning how your baby communicates can be interesting and fun. ... Read full article